oven maintenance

We were recently asked by one of our clients how to prevent excessive smoke and fat catching on fire in the oven. This followed an incident at Christmas where the family had been cooking a big dinner, resulting in a small cooker fire.

It is known by most that many house fires result from cooking and the kitchen area, with oil and grease being highly flammable substances nearly always present in this room. When oil or grease catches fire, there is a significant risk to property as well as life.

Research has shown that those who live in rented accommodation, such as students, or those who generally do not keep their oven clean are more susceptible to such fires. A build up of grease, oil and dirt, when left over time, can catch fire when igniting the oven. A dirty oven can therefore pose a real risk.

The above risk can be significantly reduced by making sure your oven is regularly cleaned, including a deep clean every so often. We recommend you deep clean your oven every 6 – 12 months depending on use.