Pet hair, it get’s everywhere. When a dog, cat or other domestic animal is malting, you seem to find yourself up to the neck with it sometimes.

Dog, hair, cleaning, sofa.

We love our pets. But their hair can get everywhere making carpet cleaning a nightmare!

While it can be a useful tracking system for finding out whether your faithful friend is taking cheeky naps on your bed while you’re out, it can pose a health risk if not dealt with properly. This can especially be the case if people in your house, be they residents or guests, are allergic to fur, as it can cause bad reactions or bring on asthma attacks.

Regardless of whether or not people are allergic to the stuff or not, it’s worth trying to keep on top of. If left for too long, it can really cause some difficulties for domestic vacuum cleaners who can tend to get clogged up when attempting to deal with lots of hair at the same time. If you believe that your vacuum cleaner may be struggling with the amount of pet hair in your carpets, we’ve got a few helpful tips for you to remove it yourself.

1. Damp sponge. 

Barely damp a clean regular kitchen sponge. If you gently rub the carpet, the hair should roll up into clumps that you can pick up by hand. Sometimes, even though you’ve been over the carpet with a vac, there can still be residual hair left over. You can use this technique to make sure you’ve done a thorough job!

2. Get A Grip!

Rubbing Velcro on surfaces can be a great way to remove hair as it will get caught in it. Curlers are probably best for this, metal ones are great because they can be bent to go round those hard-to-reach corners!

3. Sticky Solution

Wrapping sellotape around your hand (with the sticky side out!) can prove to be an effective method. Rather than rub the sellotape over the offending area, it might be better to dab it. This is especially true with longer haired rugs as you can end up pulling bits of rug with the sellotape, which can damage it!

4. Attraction

Feeling in a sciencey sort of mood? Well then you may want to try out this method! Grab a balloon and inflate it. Next, rub the balloon across the surface of the carpet. The resulting static that’s generated should bring the hair up off the carpet. Science.

These are just a select few methods. Good grooming and regular baths can also help to reduce the amount of hair that your pet drops. Combining any of these tips with good grooming and regular vacuuming will help you in your war against hair!