Rubber gloves, Carpet cleaning, materials

Essential items for sick busting! Picture: Raymond Chan (flickr)

It’s one of those things that most people dread to do, however, especially if you have kids, it’s almost inevitable that, at some point you or someone you’re with will become sick and end up getting some vomit on the carpet. Guess who’s job it’ll be to clean it up.

Although it may be tempting to rip the whole thing up, go out into the garden and burn the lot, we may have a more practical solution that you might want to try first.

1. Glove up! 

Cover up your hands! Cleaning up may not be very pleasant, but it’s going to get a lot worse if you get some on your bare hands. Not only will you not be able to clean off the smell, it also won’t make the overall experience any easier on you.

2. Use Paper Towels

Using paper towels (or something else that you can easily dispose of!) clean up as much of the sick as you can. It’ll make the carpet cleaning process much quicker and you can get rid of the vast majority just by doing this. The least amount of time the majority of that stuff spends on your carpet, the better you will feel.

3. Throw away the towels (or whatever you used!) outside of the house. 

Get the sick out of the house as quickly as possible. This will reduce the amount of time the smell lingers. Keeping it in a bin inside the house can be unpleasant, even if the bin has a lid on it.

4. Banish the vomit

Next, you’ll need a clean rag/cloth and some cold water. Using the rag/cloth (which will soon be joining those paper towels!) work out the rest of that sick. It’s not pleasant work but being as efficient as you can be with this will result in a clean carpet, well, relatively.

5. Clean the fabric

Using another rag (or the same one, if you’ve cleaned it and are in a mend and make do sort of mood!) use a fabric or carpet cleaner on the area where the sick was. This should get all those little bits that you can’t see with the naked eye and well, for want of a better phrase, it cleans your fabric.

6. Disinfectant time.

It’s important to disinfect things like sick as it can lead to the spread of illness. You will be OK as you used your rubber gloves to reduce the risk of infection, however, it’s likely someone will come into contact with this specific bit of carpet at some point, so it’s worth making sure that it’s as clean as possible. While trying to resist the temptation just pour the whole bottle on it, rub in disinfectant into the offending area and let it soak in.

7. Getting rid of the smell

So you’ve cleaned it all up but you can’t get rid of the smell. In this case, spay room deodorizer, in the area that the sick was. This should banish all of the horrible smells.

8. Cover the area

Place a dry towel over the area that you’ve just cleaned and allow it to dry. Leave it there until the area is dry, it will also stand as a temporary trophy of your new status as a cleaning champion. You’ve just dealt with vomit, which can be pretty horrible, so you should celebrate the achievement!