Corks, wine, carpet cleaning.

Corks out! Carpet cleaning has never been so easy!

You’ve had a hard day at work and all you’ve wanted to do is to sit down with a nice bottle of red, feet up, and watch something on the TV. You reach over to grab the remote and, in doing so, you knock your glass and wine ends up on the carpet. Don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world! As always, we’re here to help with the carpet cleaning!

1. Blot like your life depends on it. 

Regardless of what method comes to mind in the split second in which you decide what to do, the first thing you should be reaching for is the paper towels/towel/cloth (whichever is closest!). Press the absorbent object against the stain, this should soak up as much of the wine as possible.

It’s important to remember not to rub! Rubbing will either push the strain deeper into the carpet, making it more difficult to get out later, or, if wine is resting on the top of the carpet, this may also spread the stain out wider, making it more obvious!

2. Shake it (like a Polaroid picture!)

There might be a time when the wine stain strikes that you may not have the time to deal with it straight away. You may be hosting a party or the adverts have just finished and, you’re thinking, this can probably wait to next load. In this case, you will need salt.

After blotting the wine stain, pour salt over the selected area, this will absorb the stain and can be removed with a quick vacuum after the people have gone/the programme has finished.

If you don’t have salt lying around, try baking soda, it has the same effect.

3. The soda water approach

If you have a little more time to invest in the mopping up of the spilled wine, using soda water might be a more effective method than sprinkling salt over it and hoping for the best. In order to achieve this, pour the soda water over the stain and blot it, the soda’s carbonation and sodium properties will soak up the stain.

After using the soda, make a mixture of luke-warm water and a small amount of washing-up liquid to remove any of the remaining stain out of the carpet.

4. Cleaning with wine

The problem with soda water is that you don’t always have it in. If you have red wine in the house, the likelihood is that you might have some white knocking about. If you can spare some, pour white wine on top of the offending stain and blot. The white wine will help neutralize the red and prevent it from spreading.

If there’s no white wine in the house, try vodka!


Overall, it’s probably worth trying some of these techniques on a bit of sample carpet. If you know the supplier of the carpet that you have, it might be worth asking for a sample bit to try out some cleaning techniques to make sure that they work! If not, you can always try it on somewhere that you can cover easily!