Spilled Paint, Carpet Cleaning

Being a creative person can be hard. Whether you’re creating your new masterpiece on canvas or maybe just giving an old wall a lick of paint, getting a stain out of a carpet can be an absolute nightmare at times. As usual, we’re here to help when trouble strikes with out helpful carpet cleaning tips!

The first thing that you need to do is to find out (if you don’t already know!) what sort of paint you are using. Solutions as to how to get paint out can differ depending on the type so, before you go headlong into bringing your dangerous and terrible wrath onto the offending stain, it’s worth knowing what your up against.

Acrylic Paint

Good news! Your paint is a mixture of water and acrylic resins which makes it comparatively easier to clean up. Just follow these steps and it’ll be gone in no time!

1. Stop the spillage

Using all that experience that you gained from blotting that wine stain (see last weeks blog!) you’re going to be putting those remaining paper towels to use as you dab (not rub!) the stain to stop it from spreading or becoming more deeply rooted in the carpet.

2. Just add Glycerine 

Blotting (again!) the stain with Glycerine will bring the paint up. This should hopefully bring up the vast majority of the stain.

3. Nail polish remover to the rescue!

The nail polish remover will extinguish any of the remaining stain which was too stubborn to be moved by the attack of the Glycerine.

4. Clean up!

Use soapy water to finish cleaning the carpet and wash away anything left over from the stain removal process! After that, dry the area with a towel!


Dried-on acrylic or latex paint 

Dried-on paint can be a little bit more of a pain. Because of the nature of the stain, it can generally already be quite ingrained into the carpet by the time that you get to it. In order to do this, you’ll need a stronger cleaning agent, such as WD-40 or a citrus based dissolving agent.

1. Scrape off as much as possible

Using the sharp edge of an object such as a razor or knife, scrape whatever bits and bobs you can. This should get some of the larger piece out. Try and be as careful as you can so as to minimize the amount of damage you do to your carpet through this.

2.  Spray and pray (or hope!)

Apply the WD-40 (or equivalent cleaner) onto the offending stain, this should soften up the paint so that it can be easily dabbed up. It’s best to let the cleaning agent sit for 20 minutes or so once applied.

3. Remove the stain 

After waiting and then dabbing, it might be worth scraping with that razor edge to see if any of the softer bits and bobs will come up with it.

4. Clean up

Clean the area with warm water and soap, then rinse with clean water and let dry. This should remove anything left from the stain.