• 24/07/2014

    Cleaning Your BBQ After The Summer

    During these precious summer months when the weather is warm we always find ourselves bringing our family and friends together with a BBQ. A perfect idea with the sun shining and drinks flowing, what possibly could go wrong? The biggest problem that could have a detrimental effect on being able to hold...

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  • 15/07/2014

    Poor oven maintenance and fire hazard

    We were recently asked by one of our clients how to prevent excessive smoke and fat catching on fire in the oven. This followed an incident at Christmas where the family had been cooking a big dinner, resulting in a small cooker fire. It is known by most that many house fires result from cooking

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  • 25/06/2014

    Carpet Maintenance

    Having good vacuum cleaner will definitely improve the quality of your carpet. Unfortunately no matter how often you vacuum, your carpet will still require professional carpet cleaning. On average life of untreated carpet is around four to five years compared to over twelve years if it’s well looked...

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