During these precious summer months when the weather is warm we always find ourselves bringing our family and friends together with a BBQ. A perfect idea with the sun shining and drinks flowing, what possibly could go wrong?

The biggest problem that could have a detrimental effect on being able to hold a BBQ is in fact, not the weather changing, but instead the cleanliness of the BBQ. They are only really used in the summer months in the UK with our inherently bad weather for the rest of the year. This means that BBQ’s are left sitting in our garages or outside in the cold for long periods of time. Over this period large amounts of dirt, cobwebs and dust have built up and using a BBQ in this condition is extremely unhygienic. When we use a grill pan in our homes we every time, without fail, clean it, preventing any dirt to build up. However this tends not to be the case with BBQ’s as they are used so infrequently. So what damage are we really doing by leaving our BBQ’s dirty?

If you fail to clean a charcoal grill then every time that it is used the excess ashes and food that may have fallen down through the grill will produce a large amount of excess, black smoke and leave behind a bad smell. When using a BBQ large amounts of smoke are produced during the cooking process when a BBQ is clean, so the last thing you are going to want is more smoke produced on top of this.

If you are using a Gas BBQ then the most common mistake made is for individuals to use the ‘clean’ setting on the BBQ. This setting is found on most gas appliances and burns away any excess food that has fallen through the grill from its last use. Although it does get rid of excess material, it does not actually ‘clean’ the BBQ. If a Gas BBQ is not cleaned, large amounts of excess smoke will similarly to the charcoal grill be produced and as a result of this you can be left with food that has a funny after-taste.

It is recommend that all different types of BBQ’s are given a thorough clean down every year, along with the regular cleaning of your grill after each use. The cleaning process is a dirty job and will take you a while to complete so if you simply don’t have the time or want the job done properly then why not give us a call. Our team of specialists here at Invest Property Maintenance are highly trained to complete the job to a high standard and in as quick amount of time as possible.