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Are you looking to do up your house, however on a tight budget? If so there is no need to worry, decorating your house does not have to be an expensive process, especially if some of the following advice is taken. The first stage to follow is to forget about wallpapering, if you want wallpaper that looks smart then it will set you back a lot of money. You can have the same effect using a light coloured paint for the most part of the room and then use wallpaper on just one of the walls. This will help to save you money and in fact create a modern effect by producing a centrepiece for the room.

By simply painting a room you can help to transform your house. Re-decorating with a neutral colour scheme can help to brighten up a space making the smallest of rooms look more spacious. Many people tend to pose the question though that using a light colour scheme in most specifically the living room will make it feel extremely cold in the winter. In order to combat this problem however you can add a number of different accessories. Through the use of accessories you can help to add a splash of colour. Items such as flowers, vases, candles and mirrors are all great items to be added.

Purchasing a large fluffy rug and positioning it in the centre of the room will help to make it feel warm and cosy in the winter, without the need for a darker colour scheme. If you follow this general idea through the most part of your house then you will end up with a home that feels clean and spacious, but at the same time with elements of colour dotted throughout to create a warming, homely feel. As we mentioned before redecorating does not have to cost a lot, if you start off with having the walls redone and follow these few pieces of advice then you will be well on your way to creating a new, clean, modern look for your home.