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Carpeted floors have somewhat of a bad reputation and many businesses in Manchester in recent years have turned away from them because of the hassle involved in keeping them clean. They are seen as not being as practical which is certainly the case in some instances. If you own a DIY store, a supermarket or a building supplies company then you won’t want carpet on the floor because of regular spillages and moving heavy items around, it would be ruined in no time. On the other hand if you work in a smaller retail store/office carpet can be very welcoming and comfortable, not only for workers but also customers.

There is something nice about going in to a warm, carpeted shop in the winter, it genuinely does make you want to stay in there longer and with our great value carpet cleaning services you can afford to have them cleaned at least twice a year to keep them in tip top condition. Offices are the same, if you want to increase your employees productivity then ensure they are in a warm, comfortable environment that they don’t dread coming to. In the last few years quite a few office building have had laminate flooring fitted which as well as looking horrible isn’t very nice in the winter months. Of course, you could say well in the summer months it is better, and that is true except for the fact than in Manchester we have around 9-10 winter months and and 2-3 summer months!

The regular maintenance and carpet cleaning required can often but people off having carpets fitted in commercial premises but it needn’t do. If you read our recent blog post on looking after them and how to extend the life of carpets you’ll quickly realise that they can be just as cost effective as well as being much more comfortable than hard wood/laminate flooring.