Pumpkin, Halloween, cleaning

Halloween time! Fake blood can be a problem that we could all do without! Follow our tips and clean up!

Halloween is¬†tomorrow and many families across the country will be celebrating the eve of All Hallows’ Day either by dressing up, throwing a party, or both! Whatever you’re doing to join in the festivities around this time of year, it’s always a weight off your mind to know that you’re equipped to fight off the inevitable mess that accompanies such events.

Whether you’re dressing up as a Zombie, a Vampire or a Warewolf (or maybe something else entirely!), the likelihood is that, at some point down the line, there will be a spillage on the carpet and you will be looked at to fetch the bucket and get cleaning. As usual, we’ve got our silver tipped arrows, holy water, and garlic (Not that 2 out of the list would be much use is the cleaning process!) and we’re here to help. Let’s get carpet cleaning!

Fake blood is something that often finds its way into carpets, costumes and expensive bits of furniture and often nobody will quite know exactly how it got there. It’s one of many things that finds it’s way into the carpet at this time of year among chewing gum and other sweets and can be a pain in the neck (vampire joke!) to clean up.

Before starting: it’s worth checking any care advice on the label or the packaging of the carpet as some carpets with natural dyes or fibers can require special treatment!

The first thing you will want to do is, if you can, find out what chemicals the fake blood is made out of. This may help you figure out what the best way to remove the stain in the cleanest manner.

If the blood has dried, try and scrape as much as you can off with a sharp edge such as a knife (or a scythe!), this method should get quite a bit of the bulk up without damaging the carpet to a great degree. On the other hand, if the fake blood is still wet, you might find that blotting the stain with a dish cloth or paper towel might be the best route to removing the vast amount of the stain.

Next use a detergent (though not bleach, as this may ruin the carpet!) on the affected area and then blot with some cloth or paper towels again. After this, rinse the carpet with clean water and carry on blotting.

If this doesn’t work, pour soda water on the stain and then cover the area in plenty of salt and leave for a day. You should then be able to vacuum the salt up and this should remove the stain as the salt should have soaked it all up!

If this still doesn’t work, give us a call and we’ll come and take a look at it. Sometimes, the only way to get a particularly tough stain is to get it professionally removed!

Overall have fun over the festive period! We hope that it’s fangtastic!