Burning candle, Candle wax, carpet cleaning

Wandle wax can be annoying to remove from carpets

The winter months are truly upon us and it’s the time for warm woolly jumpers, big boots and last minute present buying (when it comes to December!). One thing that people tend to do a lot of this year is lighting candles. Whether it’s advent candles, Christingle candles or just candles around the house to make the place seem more homely, this is the time of year where we use them.

If, like many others, you have shunned the idea of plastic electric candles and gone for the traditional wax candle, there is one important factor that you should consider: the wax itself. It’s one those tricky substances to get out of carpets and it can be especially hard to remove wax if it dries up. However, as usual, we have a list of tips for you that will help you with your carpet cleaning problems.

1. This wax stains going in the bag

Place a brown paper bag over the stain. It’s important that this is a brown paper bag and not a plastic one for reasons that will soon become apparent. You will also want to place a towel under a part of the bag that isn’t over the stain. This is because you will be moving the bag around as the wax gets transferred to it and, if you don’t put it on the towel, you run the risk of putting the wax back into the carpet.

2. Turn up the heat

Grab an iron and turn it to a warm setting. It important that you do not get the iron too hot as that can melt the bag which might start melting into the carpet, making the problem worse. Also, this is the reason for using a paper bag rather than a plastic one. Remember not to put it on the steam setting as you just want the heat.

3. Ironing out problems

Ironing over the paper bag, remember to do this as slowly as possible. As you do this, the wax will begin to absorb into the paper bag, and hence, out of the carpet. When this starts to happen, move the bits of paper bag that have wax on them, onto the towel.

Keep this going until you have managed to remove wax from the carpet but don’t leave the iron in any spot for too long as you’ll risk burning the carpet.

4. Stain problems

When you have taken out all of the wax from the carpet, there is a chance that it will leave a stain. In order to remove said stain from your carpet you will need to rub it with rubbing alcohol. Placing a cloth over the stain and reapply the iron, however, this time, you will need the steam setting on. Through this method, the stain should be absorbed into the cloth and, hence, away from the carpet.

5. Blotting returns

Spray the carpet with a cleaning solvent and then blot with either a paper towel or cloth. This should remove anything else that may damage the carpet in the long run. If the carpet is still looking a little worse for wear, vacuum it and this will help return it back to it’s pre-waxed state.