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Invest Property Maintenance offer the most reliable and well-priced professional carpet cleaning service in Manchester, most importantly however we offer the best service and that is what sets us apart from the competition. We, as a company believe in only using non-hazardous and environmentally friendly chemicals/cleaning products and will always endeavour to be at the forefront of any other green technology brought in to the industry.


Invest Property Maintenance Carpet Cleaning includes:

  • Appointments at a times that suits you.
  • Dedicated and well trained carpet cleaning technicians.
  • Furniture movement to ensure a thorough clean.
  • Stain Removal
  • Full deodorising of the carpet.
  • A fully protective coating applied to guard against stains.
  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee


Carpet Life

The life of your carpet can be dramatically increased by ensuring it is regularly cleaned and protected against future stains, wear and damage. To have a brand new full office carpet fitted costs thousands of pounds, the average life of an untreated office carpet is around four to five years compared to over twelve years if it is well looked after and regularly protected. It therefore makes financial sense to extend your carpets life as much as possible.


Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Maintenance

Dust, sand and soil are the main causes of a fast wearing carpet. People often presume that the carpet is just wearing quickly because of the sheer amount of footfall on it. When you start to get that faded, white look it is generally because of a build-up of the dust and soil particles deep down in the pile, over time they gradually build up to the surface and that is when the carpet starts to fade. If your carpet is cleaned thoroughly then you can stop the build-up and clean the pile out thoroughly before that grit rubs and abrades the individual pieces of yarn in the pile leading to balding of the carpet. Oily and greasy conditions such as those found in a kitchen, bathroom or work area can speed up the wearing process of a carpet further as the film left on the surface of the carpet attracts more dirt to stick to it.

As anyone who currently lives and works in Manchester City Centre knows, there are always plenty of pavements being dug up, particularly with the current expansion of the Metrolink network taking place until the end of 2014. This unfortunately means that if your office is in the centre of Manchester you at a much higher risk of rapid carpet degradation.

Whilst cleaning is important to delay this degradation, it is also important to remember that regular maintenance plays just as big a part in stopping the grit from getting in to the pile in the first place. A well planned maintenance schedule is very important in ensuring a protective layer stays constant on the surface of the carpet.


What Is Included In The Carpet Maintenance Service?

We will conduct an initial inspection and go through any particular areas of concern that you may have on your office carpet, we will assess what can and should be done to either stop or slow down the rapid wear. A thorough carpet cleaning will then take place to break up and remove the existing dirt using our mild, environmentally friendly cleaning solution (which is also safe for use with children and pets in the vicinity). We groom the fibres of the pile so that they are all pointing upwards and the carpet looks brand new, this is when we will spray a protective coating to stop the build-up of grease and dirt on the surface and slow down the wearing process until the next cleaning is scheduled. Finally, the cart is deodorised.


This is what one of our many happy customers had to say:

‘Daniel, Adam and the team were so helpful, I booked an appointment and they reassured me that they could get nearly everything out of my carpet and after having builders in I wasn’t sure however they were true to their word and every last stain came out, it was just like the day it was first put down. Once again thank you and I will definitely be recommending you’ 

Mrs Powsney, Whitefield


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