Professional Oven Cleaning


Leave the rubber gloves to us, with our Professional Oven Cleaning services.

Invest property maintenance offer a professional oven cleaning service based in Manchester for ovens in all types of condition. Our cleaners are specialists who have a great number of years’ experience in this field, they work quickly and efficiently to complete the cleaning process in as short amount of time as possible. This ensures that your oven can be up and working again to its full potential in no time at all. We not only provide deep cleaning oven services but also offer cleaning services for BBQ’s, Extractor Fans, Microwaves and Hobs.

Invest Property Maintenance Oven and BBQ Cleaning includes:

  • Specially Trained Technicians
  • Flexible appointments at a time that best suits you
  • We use techniques that are 100% eco-friendly
  • Cleaning Oven, Extractor, Hob, Range cookers and BBQ’s
  • We use techniques that do not create fumes


Our Range Of Services

Here at Invest Property Maintenance we provide a range of oven cleaning services both for commercial and domestic properties. If you are working in the restaurant sector then we all know how often ovens are used and how critically important the correct functioning of them is. This is not so dissimilar with ovens in the domestic sector where an oven is a crucial part of everyday life. When Ovens are left for a great deal of time without being cleaned they build up on grease, fat, dust and carbon deposits all produced from the cooking of food over a long period of time. When ovens build up on these types of deposits the oven loses its efficiency and large amounts of excess smoke may be produced during cooking due to the burning of unwanted dirt.  Our specialists are trained to clean all of this dirt away using state of the art techniques that will remove even the most stubborn grime from your oven.

We not only specialise in cleaning large ovens for the commercial sector but also clean ovens for domestic properties that suffer from an unwanted build-up of grime and dirt. By choosing our professional cleaning service we can have your oven back to perfect condition in no time. We also provide services to clean BBQ’s which tend to suffer from even more misuse than ovens as they build up with charcoal and are often left for months without being used leaving the dirt and grime to remain on the surface for long periods of time.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

The cleaning methods that we use are 100% environmentally friendly and do not produce any unwanted fumes or chemicals during or after the cleaning process. This therefore means that we do not disturb your home or working environment whilst the procedure is being undertaken. We use a caustic soda- free oven cleaning system which ensures the safety of both your oven and yourself, our products are also odour- free and water- based much dissimilar to the products found on the market. We not only thoroughly clean the inside of your oven but also give the exterior an in depth clean specifically focusing on dirt and grime around the grates, vents and knobs. Our technicians clean away any dirt that may have been created in the surrounding areas due to the cleaning process and re-fit polished racks and parts back in the oven so there is nothing left for you to think about when our technicians have left.

By hiring us you will save a lot of time and the result will be far better than if you were to attempt the cleaning process yourself. You don’t have to worry about the possible damage that may be caused by the cleaning process as our experienced technicians are trained to handle appliances in a correct and appropriate manor. We are the leaders in this field with our professional approach to each cleaning job. Our staff are not only trained to the highest standards but are also selected for their great interpersonal skills to ensure that we deliver you not only a great service but an overall experience.

We have provided a superb oven cleaning service to hundreds of satisfied customers across Greater Manchester and Cheshire and continue to do so!

This is what one of our many happy customers had to say:

‘My student tenants had left my property and the oven looked as though it had not been touched since before the war, I have to say that after their representative spent 3 hours cleaning and treating it, it came up like brand new and certainly helped in the finding of new tenants. I would certainly recommend them and in fact I have booked them to come and clean my oven at home I was that impressed.’

-Mr Jacobs of Fallowfield


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